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ilambs - for all your Lease Management needs!

ilambs delivers a complete software solution for the property management industry. Whether you are a single-person company, mid-sized company, or large enterprise organization, ilambs is your solution.

ilambs provides the property management industry with an easy way to track all lease information, including all rental increases, all recoveries, vacancies, and more.

ilambs keeps track of store performance, processes all billings, including all recovery billings, processes receipts, keeps track of delinquencies, and more.

ilambs electronically integrates with general ledger.

ilambs - three (3) ways to use our software:

1. Through the Internet - you can rent our software and access it anytime of the day or night through our secured Internet server.

2. Through your own server - you can license our software and use it on your own server.

3. Through our management company - let our ilambs team do all the work related to your leases: billings, receipts, sales, recoveries, and much more. Let us help you free up your back office.

For more information email us at and introduce your company to us.

Download the ilambs Property Management color brochure (667kb) or the ilambs Property Management black and white brochure (124kb) in PDF format.

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