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Technical Information


ilambs recognizes that our customers have concerns about the security of their data as it moves across the Internet. Therefore, we take very seriously the responsibility for keeping customers' data safe.

  • Data Security
    ilambs uses industry-standard "firewall" technology to safeguard data against unauthorized access and intrusion. Backups of customers' online data are done regularly so customers can remain confident that their data is safe. The backups are stored in an off-site location.
  • Facility Security
    The Data Server area is secured by electronic key access and pin code. Access to this area is limited to the System Administrators.
  • User Security
    ilambs provides for levels of user security. You may have users with "read only" access or with various degrees of entering capabilities.


With access to ilambs from anywhere, multi-user capabilities is an ideal solution for businesses with multiple off-site employees or employees who need to have access to work from home or when traveling. A leasing agent can access lease information such as vacancies, expirations to occur, a rent roll, and much more.

With ilambs, it is simple to set up remote users. The users you specify can gain access to your data as long as they have a browser and an Internet connection.

System Requirements

Remote Users

  • Monitors and Display
  • Minimum: 256-color VGA display monitor. Recommended: 15" minimum monitor size and 800x600 minimum screen resolution.
  • Internet Connection Minimum: 56K Modem Recommended: Cable/DSL or higher.


  • Internet Explorer 5.0+ and Netscape 4.5+
  • Cookies must be enabled


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